Consulting and Coaching

Susan specializes in both consulting and coaching and has created the following Star Shape Model to guide her process.  Susan uses this 5-Step “Shape” Process when it comes to consulting and coaching her clients.  She also uses several other tools when it comes to linking behavior to results, and specifically quantifying and measuring behavior using an AWARENESS WHEEL

STAR SHAPE MODEL (Kim I have the ppt slide that has the star in the middle and then the shape for each point of the star).  I will send to you.  With the star model, you need to have a notation*

*The Star Shape Model is created by Susan Hite Foerster of Hite Resources, Inc. and is based on the research of Dr. Susan Dellinger, Ph.D., the original founder of PsychoGeometrics®, The Science of Behavior.  Susan is a licensed consultant of PsychoGeometrics®, which is behavioral system featuring 5 shapes that represent 5 behaviors needed for success.