Keynotes and Workshops

KEYNOTES are custom created by Susan to meet your objectives and resonate with the audience.  The typical keynote is 60-90 minutes in length and is designed to be inspirational and informational.

Most keynote topics can also be developed into WORKSHOPS, which are also designed to be inspirational and informational, but also include time for engagement and application with facilitation provided by Susan.  A workshop is typically 2-4 hours in length depending upon objectives to be achieved.

Here are a few of Susan’s Most Requested Keynotes/WorkshopsPlease keep in mind that Susan loves to custom create keynotes and workshops in any of her AREAS OF EXPERTISE.

[What You Need to Know for Survival, Success and Significance]
Susan blends the 7 Steps from her Train Your Brain Series into one powerful, positive, yet realistic message when it comes to taking care of you, taking care of others, and making a difference while you live your life! This message can be customized to address specific challenges, changes or objectives within any organization, while sharing proven strategies and tools for professional success and personal significance. This common-sense, easy to use message, along with the built-in tools and strategies, stays with you even after the motivational high wears off!

[It IS What You Say, and HOW You Say It!]
Susan believes WHAT you say IS important, but that no one will listen unless you know HOW to say it! This program will strengthen your communication, team building and/ or sales skills through a tool called Psycho-Geometrics®. Susan is a licensed facilitator of Psycho-Geometrics® which uses shapes and colors to determine various combinations of personalities. Susan will teach you how to “flex” to each shape or combination of shapes to raise the probability you are more productive in the areas of communication, team building and/or increasing sales! Fun, Effective, and Long- Lasting information you can use immediately at work (and even at home)!

[Burn On, Not Out!]
In a corporate world where we are constantly being asked to do more with less, Susan shares her formula for Burning On, instead of Burning Out. Learn what causes your stress, how to identify your symptoms of stress and what you can do to cope with the stress in your workplace and in your life. In this session Susan shares the importance of blending, instead of balancing, and doing what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do! You will leave this session with a clearer picture of where you want to be GREAT, where you need to be GOOD, and where it will be OK to be good enough.