About Susan

After nearly 20 years of PsychoGeometrics® being her #1 requested psychometric tool, Susan Hite, President of the soft-skills training company, Hite Resources, Inc., and creator of Susan’s Train Your Brain Series™, purchased the PsychoGeometrics communication system in June 2020 from creator Dr. Susan Dellinger (1978). Hite now serves as the CEO and Innovator of PsychoGeometrics®.

Susan Hite first learned of PsychoGeometrics as the Science of Behavior and the Art of Communication at GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park (RTP) where Hite was scheduled as the keynote speaker on the topic of change in the early 2000’s.

When the UNC School of Journalism graduate and mother of two arrived, Hite discovered a group of employees watching a VHS tape of Dr. Dellinger delivering a keynote on her five geometric shapes. Shortly thereafter, Hite traveled to meet Dr. Dellinger and became one of her first licensed PsychoGeometrics consultants and served on her advisory board up until Hite purchased the company just months into the pandemic (June 2020).

Since then, Hite has developed and launched a new PsychoGeometrics website featuring the online Shapes Assessment, the Shapes Online Learning Series, and new content and applications for using the Shapes Assessment as an onboarding, team building, leadership, relationship, and communications tool.

In 2023 Hite released the new edition of Communicating Beyond Our DifferencesIt Is What You Say and How You Say It! Written and published as Communicating Beyond Your Differences – an Introduction to PsychoGeometrics by Dr. Dellinger in 1989, Hite has updated Dr. Dellinger’s original work, contributing more than two-thirds of new material, and making it relevant in the post-pandemic 21st century.

A North Carolina native and a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1989) with a degree from the School of Journalism, Hite, now resides in Wilmington, NC, with her husband Marty, and their two dogs, Bailey, and Airlie, where she loves all things coastal and boating with family and friends.