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One of the tools Susan likes to use is Psycho-Geometrics®, The Science of Behavior.  Described as a simple, efficient and effective behavioral assessment, Psycho-Geometrics® features five shapes to identify and link behavior to bottom-line results.

Psycho-Geometrics® was founded by Susan Dellinger, Ph.D and Susan Hite is one of 30 global, licensed Psycho-Geometrics® consultants.  Written and online assessments are available with any of Susan’s services, which measure a person’s strengths, as well as challenging areas.  Individual and Team compilations can be provided as a result of taking the assessment to suggest what behaviors should be maximized, minimized, managed, modified or leveraged for success.

Psycho-Geometrics® is a useful tool for: 

  • Individual Development and Growth
  • Understanding Differences and How to Leverage those Differences
  • Communication Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Building, Organizing and Strengthening Teams
  • Understanding and Using Different Leadership and Management Styles
  • Increasing Sales and Service Excellence

To order Psycho-Geometrics® assessments that come with customized coaching, consulting, team analysis and other services offered by Susan, email